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Kudo Cards

March 24, 2017

On the previous blog post, I explained improv cards gamification to warm up teams for a two days training. On this blog post I will continue the other Management 3.0 exercise “Kudo Box” that I used :)

At the beginning of the training I explained them kudo box benefits. Here you can find the them below:

  • Peer rewarding is really powerful than top manager rewarding. Because you are directly getting acceptance from their teammates.

  • Do not wait for big rewards, do continuous rewarding. Because every small behaviour deserve rewarding and therefore the person can start to feel proud that personal values are reflected in his/her work in a while.

  • Public demonstration of rewarding is really important. In that way the person can also get acceptance from others and feel relatedness

  • Do  not give carrots to do the best work. Generally managers give carrots to boost the performance of the team. But those carrots are given for the outcome, not for the behaviour. In order to trigger intrinsic motivators, we need to deal with personal values and behaviours.

  • Giving or saying something positive to someone, make you feel more positive. Positive minds are more productive and successful than negative or neutral minds.

“Acceptance, relatedness, honor (proud)” are the intrinsic motivators that is explained in CHAMPFROGS.


Basicly Kudo Box is very powerful for team maturity. In that way people can understand each other more deeply and can start constructive conversations to improve team’s overall behaviour and values.

For our example, I had put a kudo box and cards [2] to the entrance of the training room that everyone could have seen it easily and I said that every team member can give thankfulness to anyone for their 2 days training teams. At the end of the 2 days session, we opened the box and every one had read their cards and made someone happy and felt his/herself happier too.




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