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Happiness Door

March 24, 2017

On two previous blog posts, I explained improv cards gamification to warm up teams and kudo cards for team overall positivity and happiness for a training activity.

For this time I will explain one more activity that we applied to our training: management 3.0 “Happiness Door”.

At the beginning of the training, I prepared the happiness wall and explain people the usage and benefits of it.


Actually happiness door is really good to add directly expressions to somewhere. If you want to list them after a while you may have forgotten what you felt and what did pass, so we can miss something. This activity prevents us to forget anything. Therefore it is very useful to prepare data for retrospectives and lessons learned activities.


I used this activity to do the retrospective of the training. Everyone wrote on the “Happiness Door” for 2 days and for the last hour of the training we discussed on the impressions and improvements of the training.

I added one more activity to list team specific solutions according to “Happiness Door” data. Because they worked as a team for two days and they did exercises and games collaboratively, therefore they worked and discussed everything during this time and they may have some collaborative insights for the solutions.

So I asked all teams to draw a picture for the impression of these two day and the improvements that they thought. I also told them to create “Active learning cycle or PLAN – DO – CHECK – ACT board” for needed actions.


We had 6 teams  and half of them are not very familiar with Scrum or other Agile methodologies. So their level of understanding were also important for me. You can find some of the listings below and photos below:

For the teams that do not know scrum:

  • One more day could be added:

    • Poker planning and velocity part can be explain in more details

    • The time for scrum game can be extended

For the teams that know a little bit Scrum and Agile methodologies:


  • One more day could be added:

    • Discussing differences of agile methodologies

    • A workshop can be prepared for coaching Scrum Masters ad Product Owners

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