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Improv Cards for Kitchen

February 20, 2017

I believe this is an out of box usage of improv cards of management 3.0. This time I tried to apply it to create a dinner menu.


Therefore I asked a couple of my friends to play this game to make a collaborative and creative cooking experience and they found it interesting and wanted to join it.


Then we got together and had sit around a table.


And then everyone got 3 (face down) cards. Then the cards are turned face up. One started telling an ingredient or a spice about the recipe using his / her first card by getting the imagination and impressions of the cards.  Then the next one continues with his / her first card, then the third one...


After the first round the first person continues with the second card and so on. For each round we discussed for one of the meal of the menu. So we selected three different recipes.



This was a little bit hard at the beginning, because imagining the cards to think about a meal or improvement of the taste of a meal in a collaborative manner is a unthought thing. So we replayed the first round. The first problem was deciding what kind of kitchen we will have focused, while replaying the first round we decided first the kitchen and the first meal and then second round became fruitful.


Therefore we decided our meals and beside deciding we also improved two of them.

















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