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Moving Motivators

January 12, 2017

We have a team with four people in our startup company. All we are highschool friends, and we know each other for about 15 years. Even though we discuss all our problems and get help from each other, we did not work before.


We are working with two weeks sprint time box and we are setting goals and giving commitments for each sprint. We achieved for now to a good point but our first sprint was catastrophic :) As we are best friends, we know each other so much but starting to work together was a hard thing. Because we were friends before, we weren’t a team. We know that in order to build a team we need to understand first of all each other’s motivation to about the work and our mission.


Therefore we decided to play Management 3.0 moving motivators card exercise for our first retrospective. As we are old friends, we thought that it i


safe to play it as a group. We also added a different game playing practice at the end of it. Here you can find the steps below:

  • Step one: First we had set the stage: What motivators will be affected in what way, while we are working together on this job?

  • Step two: Then we distributed all the cards and we prioritized them from most important (left) to least important (right).

  • Step three: We moved our cards up that we think it affects us in a positive way, down for the opposite.

  • Step four: We looked for our most important 6 motivators situation, we realized that we have some trouble for 3 of them (order, acceptance and power).

You can find the ordered motivators with the matching numbers below:


“Order” is mostly problematical one in terms of prioritization and matching number. 3 of us found it important and thinks that it will be go down, while we are working together.


So in the second part of our session we focused on only to “order”. We applied 5 Whys practice to further find the problems and take actions over them. According to our 5 Whys session the basic need was to create some working agreements that facilitate our collaboration to achieve success. Boom!!!  In order to create working agreements we did a brainstorming session and create 3 working agreements:

  • Committed work should not be changed or augmented during the week

  • We will meet daily at 7:30 PM

  • Committed work should be done within the sprint, if the person have concerns to finish it need to give alerts on daily meetings.

We will focus on also acceptance part later, you can find it at the second part of the blog.


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